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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

One’s Worth - an introspective essay by Vic Melville

To have an appreciation of one’s life one needs only to cast your gaze towards

the heavens on a clear night.

People say they feel insignificant amongst this vastness, somehow relating

their role and purpose in life as meaningless and minuscule.

The immensity of the Universe where distance is measured in light years and

our own life span is measured in years.

How important are we really?

The imprint we leave on others on how we live our lives magnifies this


We leave a pathway for our children to walk and their children to follow.

The strength of this pathway is its unwavering, through the daily trials and

the worldly temptations.

We all have stumbled in thought and some in actions.

That is the past, seek to understand why, and then take responsibility.

Individually we can make a difference but collectively goodness would change

the world,

Be kind, thoughtful and understand this is a gift; however, this gift of life was

not given without responsibility.

To truly enjoy this wonderful gift of life believe we are significant and do play

a meaningful role in the Grand plan.