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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Claremont Tigers memories

Victor Melville, Ruckman, born June 1, 1955, made his league debut in 1974 having come from the Claremont juniors whilst occupied as an insurance consultant.at 6 feet four and 15 stone, he was big enough to make a hefty impression. Two seasons in South Australian football matured his approach to the game and  he returned a much more dedicated player. "I really believe that I can establish myself as a league footballer with Claremont," says Vic.

He was brought into help solve one of Claremont's key positional placings.  during his 21 games with West Adelaide he was often used as center half forward where his size and is adept use of the hand pass set up many scoring opportunities. Claremont have talented forwards available to play but Melville  is such a versatile player that he could easily be used around the field.
"I have a vastly different approach to the game now. My approach to training is different."

His role at Claremont before going to South Australia was basically as a Rockman. His big frame is naturally associated with rock work in his four league games were in that role. But he discovered that he really enjoyed the center half forward roll with less data gleaned and felt that he played some of his best football and attack. Melville was quite happy to receive  an approach from Claremont officials late last season about his returning home to Perth. He broke into league at 18 years of age but his first year was plagued with injury.

Vic opened his own insurance broking business since returning to Perth and was confident that he could successfully mix the two careers together, which he did.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

West Adelaide's Melville relives rugby days in West Adelaide

Defender Vic Melville is nearly 100% confident of taking his place in the West Adelaide 20 for the first time today. The former Claremont forward gave officials some hope two weeks ago when he grabbed 15 marks and 27 kicks and a great display in the reserves.
Victor Melville rugby player

The 22-year-old Melville who is 1.93 m tall ( 6'4"), has played for league games with Claremont in the last two seasons. Melville, who was not yet fully fit, impressed with his marketing in general ability at center half forward according to Graham Fischer.

having served also as a Robin with Claremont, Melville signed with West Adelaide and hopes to play in South Australia for the remainder of the season. he said last night that his inclusion in the 25th first semi final against South Adelaide football Park depended largely on the fitness of Rockman Mark Whittington.  West named a 22 man squad on Thursday night. A former Claremont forward, Melville faces a torrid introduction to South Australia football. With just 13 reserve games at center half back under his belt, he will jump several classes of football if he warms the West bench today.
Melville, who said his form had been good, rates West a good thing..

"The ground should be heavy, which will suit West rather than South.", said Melville. "Football Park is a Mecca for South only on a dry day when it can run the ball."

Excerpted from  Sunday Mail, 1977