About Victor Melville

Monday, August 22, 2016

Travel tip from Vic Melville

When visiting Australia and interacting with Australians for the first time, be prepared to learn something about the culture, suggests well known native, Victor Ian Melville. The best way to immerse oneself in a culture is to approach it with a sense of childlike curiosity. You can ask questions about Australian specific activities like Australian Rules Football (AFL), and swimming on Australian beaches like on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Other topics of discussion tourists can introduce could involve wildlife of Australia that they are best known for, including kangaroos, koalas and platypus.
If you get tired of sightseeing, take in a sporting event that you might not find in your home country; The Australian national cricket team is among the top international teams on the planet, for instance. 
In short, if you are staying in Perth, try to remind yourself that it is not just like any an average capital city. Australia is an enormous country and its own landscape is diverse. It may be new, but it has its very own distinctive feel and look.
An open mind and an adventurous spirit will provide any visitor to Mr. Melville's home country with a great opportunity to experience Australia through native eyes.