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Monday, July 6, 2015

Old News Article about Claremont's Melville

Vic Melville, 24, 6'4" and 15 stone is big enough to make a hefty impression. Two seasons and South Australian football has matured his approach to the game and he is returned much more dedicated player. The can help solve one of Claremont's key positional placings of the shows early-season form because during his 21 games with West Adelaide last season he was often uses a center half forward, where his big bulk and his ab that use of the hand pass set up many scoring opportunities.

Successor Vic would make it a good family double it Claremont. Rodney Melville has developed into one of the USA's top defenders after a spell in the doldrums and it would be an interesting situation with the two brothers holding down the key center halfback and center half forward roles.

"It was a different type of football in South Australia; more physical and more demanding on the smaller grounds. I think it up and up a lot and a more aggressive in my approach to the game."

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