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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

London Partners scope of business headed by Victor Melville

Vic Melville's former role at London Partners included overseeing a company that is focused on assisting farmers in the rural business community in many ways, including:
  • business and farm succession planning
  • estate planning
  • keyperson  indemnity
  • income continuity strategies
  • crisis management and debt resolution
As it is not owned or influenced by any institution and therefore focuses solely on assisting in improving the financial position of individual clients, London Partners makes investment recommendations and provides corporate advisory services based strictly on client needs.

London Partners strives to assist individuals, families, and corporations in Australia to establish and operate charitable foundations under new, unique and greatly improved operating formats. Tax law allows a deduction at fair market value for gifts or property.
The company assists these foundations and other charities to become more efficient and successful in their operations.
They also work, under Victor Melville's leadership, to build strategic alliances mutual assistance and support among charities, foundations and donors to accelerate foundation funding and grant making.

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